Sodoto Solutions – Agile Scrum Training Coaching Chicago

Classroom Supplies for Private Classes with Sodoto Solutions

When running a private class at your location or a location rented by you, here’s what we need you to setup in the classroom:

– Screen and Projector with VGA or HDMI hookup

– Easel and large 25″ x 30″ Post-Its – like this or similar:

– Super Sticky 3″ x 3” or 4″ x 4″ Post-It notes – 5 to 10 pads of 100 notes each – like this or similar:

– Pen and paper pad for each student (this is often provided by the hotel if you’re renting conference rooms – the simple, free ones there suffice)

– Onsite lunch – nothing fancy is needed (sub sandwiches would be fine), but it needs to be delivered/catered in the venue so we can re-start class in the afternoon in a timely manner

– It would be nice if there was also a whiteboard, but it is not a requirement


Scheduling with Sodoto Solutions

We strive to be as transparent about how we run our calendar as possible.  We understand through experience that scheduling work between two organizations – especially a class or workshop where part of the success depends on attendence – can be hard.  Iteratively sifting and winnowing to the right arrangements is a helpful thing for all of us in this case. Our general policy follows below.