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Learn Scrum – Get Certified – in Silicon Valley, March 9th and 10th, 2017!

PSMPSFSodoto Solutions’ Gary Pedretti will be teaching’s Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF) course in Silicon Valley, CA, March 9th and 10th, 2017. The PSF course prepares students for the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) assessment and certification, and includes a voucher to take the PSM assessment.

Take a class with the instructor that Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum, has described as

a hard, pointed, deep, knowledgeable trainer…one who knows Scrum, agile, and software development with deep knowledge of how to create value and good outcomes. I recommend him highly. If you need help, want to talk with someone, and want facts rather than spin, talk to Gary.

Learn more and register for the course at’s website here! Sorry, registration is now closed.

Gary Pedretti Quoted in Engineer Jobs Magazine

Thinking of software creation as an engineering discipline has single-handedly been the most destructive model for the software industry, ever.

Engineer Jobs quoted Gary Pedretti today!  JF Stackhouse also elaborated on Jack Reeves’ classic article, which Gary covered in the past here.

Classroom Supplies for Private Classes with Sodoto Solutions

When running a private class at your location or a location rented by you, here’s what we need you to setup in the classroom:

– Screen and Projector with VGA or HDMI hookup

– Easel and large 25″ x 30″ Post-Its – like this or similar:

– Super Sticky 3″ x 3” or 4″ x 4″ Post-It notes – 5 to 10 pads of 100 notes each – like this or similar:

– Pen and paper pad for each student (this is often provided by the hotel if you’re renting conference rooms – the simple, free ones there suffice)

– Onsite lunch – nothing fancy is needed (sub sandwiches would be fine), but it needs to be delivered/catered in the venue so we can re-start class in the afternoon in a timely manner

– It would be nice if there was also a whiteboard, but it is not a requirement


Scheduling with Sodoto Solutions

We strive to be as transparent about how we run our calendar as possible.  We understand through experience that scheduling work between two organizations – especially a class or workshop where part of the success depends on attendence – can be hard.  Iteratively sifting and winnowing to the right arrangements is a helpful thing for all of us in this case. Our general policy follows below.